Does Value equal Money?

No... Value is a subjective expression, based upon the desire either to make relative trade proposal offers (picking a higher value) or wanting to receive relative trade proposal offers (picking a lower value)

What is a Value?

Value is a non-monetary expression, that limits which items can be offered to one another. Value is expressed relative to what other users are choosing as their values. A higher value enables a user to propose a trade offer to another item of equal or lesser value.

What is a “Suggested Value”?

Suggested values, represent hypothetical values. Offered for new or novice users, to speculate about hypothetical trade offers. “Suggested Values” are not intended to reflect actual values currently being chosen on Votrust.

How do I choose a Value?

Values can be chosen based upon what one perceives to be as the “average” or “going value”, for similar items. One can then either choose a value higher than the “average” or lower than the “Average”... For example, if the average is 1000, choosing a value of 500 for your item would allow proposal offers to be more easily made, against your item.

Which Value is better?

Both “high” and “low” valued items offer different benefits. One who prefers using low values to encourage offers to be made against their item, may not wish to choose the absolute lowest value, to prevent nuisance offers. Users who “overvalue”, may prevent “good” or “fair” trade offers from being proposed against their item.

Are Accounts free?

Yes…. Accounts are free.

Can I preview listings, that I have made?

Yes… Once a listing is created, the listing may be previewed in the “Create New Listings” section of your account. All listings should be previewed for correct information before listing.

How long will listings appear?

Listings will appear for 44 days.

How long will listings be extended?

Extensions, will appear for 44 more days, from day of purchase.

What deals, does Votrust offer?

List Two items and get the Third free! (of equal or lesser price, listings must be purchased simultaneously to receive discount, duplicate items excluded).

What is the return and/ or refund policy?

All sales are final, no refunds or returns.

If my item is accepted first, do I get the trade?

Yes…First accepted proposal offer, gets the trade.

What is a Proposal?

A Proposal is an offer to trade your item for another user’s item.

Will another user "Take back" an offer that they have made to me?

No…Valid proposals cannot be rescinded or changed once offered. Proposals become invalid once an offer is accepted, an item is deleted, or an item expires.

What if I prefer single item offers, or items offered in combination?

Each item can be designated either to only accept single item offers, or single item and items in combination, offers. This preference is selected when the listing is created.

How can I make an offer more appealing?

When creating a trade proposal, users can select to offer a “substitute” option. This allows a user to select any other single item a user has currently listed, of an equal or lesser value, than originally offered in the proposal.

How many times can an item be offered against another?

Once… An item can only be offered against another one time. Once offered in a proposal, Items cannot be offered again, unless they have expired and are relisted.

Can you provide more information about details of the site?

Below are more details.

Descriptions and Details:

Log in E-mail: This unique e-mail is used to log in to your account. It is suggested that you use a different e-mail for this than your Traded item, Contact e-mails

Traded item, Contact e-mails: Email that other users may contact you by, when a trade proposal has been accepted. It is suggested that you use a different e-mail for this than your, Log in E-mail.

Display Name: Unique name to identify who you are as a user

User location zip code: Postal zip code that identifies where a user is located.

Item location zip code: Postal zip code that identifies where the item is located.

Create New Item: Area of the user account where new items can be created and viewed.

Item Name: Area to describe item, search sensitive area

Item Photo: Add up to three photos of your item

Item Value: Choose your preferred trade Position, proposals must be made by an item/items (in combination) of equal or greater value.

Item Category: Select a relevant category for your item

Trade Type: Select between Single and Combination type trading

Single Trading Type: Only allows 1 item for 1 item offers to be made

Combination Trading Type: Allows 1 item for 1 item, or multiple for 1 item trade proposals

Delivery Type: Suggested method of exchange, may be altered when a trade proposal is made.

Item Description: Details about the item

“User location is same as item location”: Pre-checked box that confirms, that user and item location are identical

Location Preferences: Express what might limit your choices regarding items proposed and their location

Categories of Preference: Express categories that you prefer and that you have interest for.

Chain of Preferences: Use a chain of words to describe specifics that you prefer. For Example (Sports + Jersey + Basketball)

Create Listing: Function that allows creation of a new item to be reviewed, prior to listing.

Personal Details and Preferences: Area of the user account where personal details and users preferences are stored. Traded item, Contact e-mails , Chain of Preferences, and Categories of Preference can be preset here, for you convenience.

Extend/Renew/Pay for Listings: Area to select and pay for items, duplicate listings may also be paid for here.

Duplicate Listings: Even though duplicate listings are identical to their counter parts, duplicate listings are treated as their own unique items, with their own unique proposal history

Your Listings: Area where you can review and delete listings you have made.

Wish List: Area where you can review and delete items you have added to your Wish List.

Create Proposal: Area where Your Listings and Wish list items can be matched to create proposal combinations.

Que Proposal: Function that adds matched items to the trade list.

Create Proposal Details: Set Que proposals in detail. 

Proposal list: Area where Que proposal details are set.

Item Delivery Type (in proposal list): Delivery type may be set for every item in a proposal, by the user creating the proposal, for each individual proposal they make.

Allow Substitution: Allows the user who is offered this proposal, the option of substituting a single item in place of the item or items offered in the proposal. The replacement item must be of an equal or lesser value, when compared to the original total value offered.

Skip Proposal: Abandon these Proposals, without creating an offer.

Finish Proposal: Creates proposals as they are currently set, on the Proposal list page. This function allows the Proposal offers as created, to be sent to the corresponding user.

Offered Proposals: Area of the user account, where new proposal offers can be viewed. Active Proposal offers can be accepted or rejected from this area.

Proposals you have made: Area of the user account, where you can view trade proposals that are currently active and that have not been rejected.

Reconsider Rejected Proposals:  Area of the user account, where you can choose to reconsider proposals that are still currently active.

Deals Complete:  Area of the user account, where proposals that have been accepted can be viewed and managed.

Send E-mail: Function that allows a user to Resend your “Traded item, Contact e-mails”, as it relates to the specific proposal. Each user may resend up to three times.

Leave Comments: Functions that allows a user to leave comments about a proposal

Remove: Allows a proposal to be permanently removed from view, once the proposal information is no longer needed by the user.

Comments Received: Area of the user account, where comments left about a user can be viewed.

User Location: Area of the user account, to adjust the preset condition of a user’s location.

Personal Details and Preferences: Area of the user account, where personal information, Present Preferences, and Traded item, Contact e-mails may be set.

Current Tier Prices:

              Range                      Price             Duplicate Price

Tier 1                       1 – 9750               $ 1.75           Variable by Value

Tier 2           10000 – 49250            $ 5.50           Variable by Value

Tier 3           50000 – 109200         $ 10.50         Variable by Value

Tier 4        120000 – 488000         $ 25.50         Variable by Value

Tier 5        500000 – 997500         $ 50.50         Variable by Value

Current, Days till Expire (New and Renewed listings):  44 Days

**Listings may Expire within 24 hours or more, of end date, depending on time of listing and /or adjustments of global clock**